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Beyond Strategic Mind: Engaging the Heart

Updated: May 14, 2020

How Leaders Navigate Unexpected & Difficult Terrain

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Are you a leader whose team or organization is looking to you for reassuring answers?

Is this the most unexpected and difficult terrain you have ever had to deal with?

How can you preserve the future of your organization while caring for the team members that you suddenly can’t afford to pay? What about the inventory you can’t sell, the expenses you can’t meet?

And how is this viral pandemic impacting you on a personal level?

There is plenty for the mind to worry over. It will do its best to solve problems, to bring order to the chaos.

Unfortunately, a lot of the mind’s solutions just dig the hole deeper.

This is where Heart, as Emotional Intelligence (EQ), steps in.

The best leaders know how to engage the imagination, determination and human spirit of their whole team and organization.

Robert “Dusty” Staub, respected leadership consultant, author and public speaker, has been teaching about Heart-centered Leadership for over three decades. Time and again, he has helped individuals, teams and organizations move past daunting roadblocks to a better future.

The challenges that leaders are facing today may feel more severe than anything faced before, but the tools to move forward are time-tested and apply as much today as ever.

JOIN US for this FREE WEBINAR with Robert “Dusty” Staub.

Second in a series on how to navigate big, unexpected change, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize when the mind’s strategy efforts are failing

  • Learn how to engage the wisdom of the heart.

  • Use key emotional drivers that help leaders move with change, including Principled Flexibility, Drawing the Larger Circle, Generating Resonance, and distinct Acts of Courage.

There will be time for Q and A, and you will be provided a recording of the webinar.

In addition, you are invited to watch the recording of the first webinar in this series,

Navigating Change: Facing into the Storm.

JOIN US FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR, Thursday, May 14, 7 pm Eastern.

It's free but pre-registration is required so you can get your verified link to join Dusty by Zoom.

Invite others. Share with your team members.

Robert “Dusty” Staub has worked for 35 years as a sought-after leadership consultant, helping organizations and teams create high performance outcomes.

He is the author of The Heart of Leadership: Twelve Practices of Courageous LeadersThe 7 Acts of Courage: Bold Leadership for a Wholehearted Life, and Courage in the Valley of Death: Daily Practices for Whole-Hearted Living. ​ Dusty brings his background as a family and marital therapist, a lifelong practice of yoga, and his lessons learned as husband, father and grandfather, to his work. ​

Here is another gift for to support you and your team during this powerful moment of second order change (click on book below and scroll down to claim your free digital copy):

Courage in the Valley of Death is based on a powerful life experience that led to a personal transformation in understanding and approach to living. It is both an inspiration and a practical guide to learning to live with greater courage, grace and joy. Staub offers a clear pathway forward in a short, highly accessible and engaging book. One reviewer says, "... It’s a book you need to open many times. It is the ultimate reminder. If you find the heart to practice the small acts of courage, this book has the potential to change your life."

And here are some additional resources, which we have made highly affordable so anyone can receive benefit :

The 7 Acts of Courage breaks new ground in the self-help field, offering clear, practical guidance on how to engage distinct acts of courage. In this updated edition, which includes compelling new stories, the author reveals how to successfully move from the Courage to Dream through to the Courage to Act.

In the new and revised edition of The Heart of Leadership: 12 Practices of Courageous Leaders, author Robert E. Staub lays out an articulate inquiry into, and explanation of, critically essential aspects of effective business leadership, These include competency, intimacy, integrity and passion.

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